Syndrones Multirotor Systems can not be held liable for any damage or harm or injury caused by any multi-rotor craft at any time under any circumstance. Liability always rests with the pilot.

Aviation Authorities
It is customer’s responsibility to be aware of and abide by local Civil Aviation legislation in customer’s region. Syndrones Multirotor Systems can supply information regarding the airframe including material specs and operation recommendations in assistance to certification and special permits.

The recommendations and suggestions regarding product application and use that are offered on in our product and promotional material or information provided by any employee or distributor of Syndrones Multirotor Systems are only a guide to the use of the product and in no way constitute a guarantee or warranty as to their suitability for purpose, fitness, functionality or merchantability since Syndrones Flight Systems has no control over the use to which customers may apply the product.

Syndrones Multirotor Systems assumes no liability whatsoever, and disclaims to the fullest extent permitted by law, any express or implied warranty relating to the sale, use, functionality, merchantability, suitability or fitness for purpose of any Syndrones Multirotor Systems product outside of its general Warranty specifications.

Syndrones Multirotor Systems recommends that only persons qualified and skilled in the use and assembly of products of the nature sold by Syndrones Multirotor Systems should undertake product repair and installation work and then only in accordance with product instructions provided by Syndrones Multirotor Systems

Any sale of a Syndrones Multirotor Systems product contains Terms and Conditions