Welcome to Syndrones
Syndrones Custom Multi-Rotor Frames by Jacques Sperwer. A pioneer in the multi-rotor industry, Jacques' extensive knowledge and attention to detail will ensure that you receive only the highest quality multi-rotor frame. From small hexacopers to large heavy lift X8 configurations. Syndrones will provide the ultimate in custom built frames and support.
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All that's required when you receive your new frame
is to attach the booms to the centre plate and tighten
the stainless steel screws.

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Durable and strong, and ready to take
your payload to new heights.


Hey folks! We offer Hi-End Multirotor Frames to those keen to build their own, reliable multirotors.

Super Strong Frame

Proven to be a very strong frame. We only use the strongest diamond weave carbon fiber and G10 for the center plate and motor mounts.

Simple to Assemble

With detailed instructions, easy to assemble parts and Ready-to-Fly kits available, what could be easier.

Loads of Electronic Space

Regardless your choice of electronics, our Syndrone frames have plenty of space for your flight controllers RX, telemetry and FPV equipment

About Syndrones

Welcome to Syndrones

The home of the new SYN-Series of Frames currently in production. Please feel free to browse the full range of frames available from our Product Store

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